Friday, November 14, 2008

high tolerance

good one today from story people

What are you good at? I said & she said, Mainly life. I work best with stuff that has a high tolerance for mistakes.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I re-read my blog.
Sometimes when I need to relax and 'check out' for a few I just sit back and read what I've written. I love being able to do this. I can transport myself right back to that moment in time and relive it all over again.
I'm particularly fond of that last quote. It resonates so deeply with my life right now. Somedays I still find myself forcing things and just pushing and pushing. This quote reminds me to slow down and take it easy.  Enjoy these moments.


Life's been a little too hectic lately. My german shepherd, Gretta attacked another one of our dogs and he had to be taken to the ER too. Now he's got drains and stitches and antibiotics, the whole kit and caboodle. That's two dogs within 2 weeks taken to the ER vet. Two fights I've had to break up and 2 dogs I've had to mend. The worst part is that now I am petrified. Gretta went after my lab Lucky again today and immediately I felt my adrenaline surge. My brother broke the fight up but I felt wiped out and weak after it was over. This last fight between her and Charlie took a lot out of me. I still have bad dreams about it. 

There's been way too much adrenaline in my life lately.
I actually feel a little like there's too much electricity in my body, if that makes any sense.

The brightly shining star in all of this has been my brother. He's been staying with us for a couple of weeks and helping us out around the house. He's cut down all the dead trees on our property and helped trim back the good ones. He's also taken on the (ginormous) project of fixing the 'free' hot tub. I'm very happy to report that it is no longer leaking, there are bubbly bubbles and it's a nice steamy temperature of 105 degrees. I'm hoping the hot tub will counteract all of the adrenaline and stress and bring a little zen back into my life.

Just looking at it is already calming so I know it's bound to be a lifesaver.

There was an intriguing post over at superhero the other day. She was writing about labyrinths 
and after I read the post I did a quick search and found 3 labyriths, right here in my backyard!
I'd like to take a day this week and go walk at least one of them.

I'll let you know what I find.


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
                --Theodore Roosevelt